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How to Help Families & Communities Impacted by Recent Natural Disasters


Monetary Donations

After a natural disaster, financial contributions to recognized relief and recovery organizations are the most impactful way to support communities in need. Monetary support helps local nonprofits quickly access and deploy vital resources needed on the ground, while also helping to revitalize local economies disrupted by the disaster.


Where Should I Donate? 

There are literally hundreds of nonprofits on the ground doing great work. Here are just a handful of organizations that the MLB Players Trust has vetted and approved.


  • Team Rubicon Founded in 2010, Team Rubicon combines the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. They have been on the ground in Kentucky clearing roadways, and will continue to deploy and serve.


  • American Red Cross One of America’s longest-running disaster relief agencies providing food, shelter, and clean up as well as other longer-term recovery services.


  • Salvation Army  Another long-standing nonprofit providing food, drinks and shelter to survivors of the storms and rescue workers. Designate your gift to specific disaster areas here.

Looking for a Locally-Based Nonprofit?

Do you need our help identifying another nonprofit working in a specific community?  Reach out to us, we can assist you in locating and vetting that organization.

I Want to Amplify My Impact!

We encourage you to motivate others to give, which will deliver even more resources into the hands of those who need it most.


  • Matching Gift – If you have not yet used your Players Trust matching gift in 2022, tap into your $2,500 allocation and we can help double your impact.


  • Encouraging Others to Give – Leverage your fans, friends, and followers!  Generous is a donation tool that makes it easy to encourage others to give back to causes you care about by easily starting your own fundraising campaign.

    • Click here to use the Generous tool and launch your own fundraiser that you can share across your social media, blog, or even dedicated website. 

    • 100% of the funds will be directed to the nonprofit of your choosing.  In addition, Generous will provide you with complimentary support to help you create your campaign – you can reach them at

Contact the Players Trust for Guidance and Assistance.

Amy “Emiko” Hever, Director at, 646-683-1508 

Jessica Liss, Program Manager at, 646-477-3253

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