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Good Sports Disaster Recovery Equipment Fund 

Major League Baseball Players have a long-standing history of providing disaster relief support and aiding in the efforts of recovery so that the youth and families most deeply impacted can get back to their normal lives. In an effort to assist communities hit by natural disasters over the last year, the MLB Players Trust and national nonprofit, Good Sports, have teamed up to re-equip baseball and softball programs across the country in critically impacted areas.  


After a competitive application process, $100,000 worth of brand-new equipment has been donated to 10 organizations to help youth return to play and find a sense of normalcy after difficult times. 


In times of tragedy, sports can be looked upon as a beacon of hope. The Players Trust and Good Sports are putting equipment into the hands of those who need it most and getting youth back in game. 

Meet The Recipients

“My students are ecstatic to say the least! For the first time ever, we have some new sports equipment and some jerseys! I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are here at MS 324!”


- Raymond Downs, Athletic Director, MS 324 

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