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Many Major League Players choose to give back through the game they love - the game they have learned and grown from.  There is an invaluable amount of knowledge and mentorship Players want to share with others so they may inspire and support the next generation of young ballplayers and leaders. 

The Players Trust has worked alongside our Major Leaguers to implement a series of youth development programs all designed with the same end result in mind – to find the most exciting ways to engage young people in the games of baseball and softball so they may further develop their love of learning, their understanding of the world around them, and their 21st century skill set. 

If your school or nonprofit currently works with youth in the United States, Latin America, or the Caribbean, there may be availability for your program to participate in a future cohort. 

Please review the programs below. If you would like to explore if your youth and organization can be a part of the Players Trust lineup, please take the next step and reach out to our team.   


The Players Exchange Program was developed in collaboration with education partner Level Up Village.  This unique virtual experience provides middle school students an opportunity to learn alongside their  global peers, engaging in teamwork challenges that support the growth and development of life success skills and the importance of experiencing diverse cultures and values. Guided by MLB players, students develop critical thinking,
cross-cultural communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills, fostering compassionate leadership and global citizenship. 


Developed in collaboration with the nonprofit Learn Fresh, the MLB Players STEM League introduces middle-school-aged youth to a unique blend of baseball and education. Through adynamic combination of board games and curriculum, this initiative ignites the excitement of the sport while fostering students' mathematical and social-emotional growth. 


Each year the Players Trust will partner with a handful of Players to deploy a series of community-based event called Play Days.  

Play Day locations are influenced by Players as well as the baseball calendar and consists of a full day of baseball-inspired activities for youth including: 

  • a ceremonial first pitch by a local leader to kick off the Play Day 
  • on the field skills development for seasoned players as well as introductions to the sport for newcomers,  
  • pop-up educational workshops 
  • a meal together featuring locally sourced food and entertainment 
  • a convening opportunity for local-area civic and social impact leaders, and philanthropists 
  • a mentoring conversation with a Major League Player  
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