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During Hispanic Heritage Month, which ran from September 15 to October 15, the Players Trust recognized the contributions of Hispanic players on and off the field. These players have shown tremendous interest in giving back to their communities both in the United States and in their home countries. Their philanthropic efforts have helped raise funds and awareness for a variety of worthy causes.  
This past month, the Players Trust and the MLBPA shared player-related content that focused on charitable endeavors, international play (with the World Baseball Classic), the cultural acclimation that many Hispanic players face in their transition to Major League Baseball, and the myriad on-field achievements of Hispanic players today and across generations. The celebration began with Roberto Clemente, the late Pittsburgh Pirates star, Puerto Rican icon, Hall of Famer and humanitarian, and the 30 club nominees for the annual award that bears his name and honors his legacy.
More than 2,000 players of Hispanic descent have appeared on big-league rosters throughout Major League Baseball history. This year, about 250 of the 1,200 players on Opening Day rosters came from Latin-American countries. Those players have had an immense impact on the quality, style, and culture of the game, and continue to play a major role in expanding the popularity and fan appeal of baseball as well as in supporting meaningful and sustainable change in the lifelong well-being of others.


In 2010, Yadier Molina and his wife, Wanda Torres, founded the nonprofit organization, Yadier Molina Fundacion 4. Its main mission is to create happier lives and futures for underprivileged children in Puerto Rico. And in the event of special circumstances, to help the people of Puerto Rico in times of need due to natural disasters. Thank you Yadier Molina for the positive impact you are making on so many lives!

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Each year, Ketel Marte returns home to host a mobile food distribution event for families of his hometown of Nizao in the Dominican Republic. His efforts feed hundreds of families per year and also provide healthcare services and medication to those in need. Thank you Ketel Marte for the positive impact you are making on so many lives! We celebrate your contributions during #HHM and beyond.

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As an immigrant born in Venezuela, Kervin Castro is incredibly passionate about giving back to his community. One way he gives back is through a partnership with the nonprofit, Lions Unleashed, to provide aid for underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic. This aid comes in the form of resources such as school supplies, creation of a sport field and afterschool programs. 
Thank you Kervin Castro for the positive impact you are making on so many lives! We celebrate your contributions during #HHM and beyond.

"I am who I am because I never forget where I’ve come from."
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